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How can i convert date which looks like this 12092008 to unixtime like this 1221215809

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You may want to use the following:

function covertToUnixTime(yourDate) {
    return new Date(yourDate.substring(4, 8) + '/' + 
                    yourDate.substring(2, 4) + '/' + 
                    yourDate.substring(0, 2)).getTime() / 1000;

covertToUnixTime('12092008');   // Returns: 1221170400
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You could use jQuery datepicker's utility functions, parseDate and formatDate.

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This worked for me.

var day = $("#day").val();
var month   = $("#month").val();
var year    = $("#year").val();
var date    = new Date();
date.setFullYear(year, month, day)
var unixtimeMS = date.getTime();
var unixtime = parseInt(unixtimeMS / 1000);
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You need to be very careful with this - remember that the clocks on your clients' computers may not be set to the same time zone as your servers. –  Pointy Feb 19 '10 at 13:24

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