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Below is an example of payload to send to PayPal API to create payment to another merchant behalf. The example is taken from PayPal documentation page

# ** Payload **
"errorLanguage":"en_US"    # Language of returned errors
"merchantEmail":"receiver@example.com",  # Receiver/Merchant e-ddress
"payerEmail":"sender@example.com",       # Sender/Buyer e-dress

I am confused about the field merchantEmail and payerEmail. Which is what? Is the merchant email my email or for the party I am creating invoice for? in the comment #Receiver/Merchant e-address made me more confused. Is it for the email who will be receive and pay the invoice?

For the sake of conversion. Lets use following example for answers:

  1. api_user@domain.com is the user who calling the api to create invoice for merchants behalf.
  2. merchant@domain.com is the user whom behalf api_user@domain.com creating Invoices.
  3. user@domain.com is the user who is being charged.

Can anyone clarify?

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Merchant email should be the store owners email. If you are using paypal sandbox developer account, You can use your email id for testing purposes. –  rajmathan Apr 9 '14 at 10:17

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To Clarify for You

merchantEmail is the email of the account that will be receiving the invoice aka seller.

payerEmail is the email of the account that is sending payment/buying the good. The api_user@domain.com is the account specifying the API Credential set. Usually referred to as the API Username.

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