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I had used the command git checkout -- $(git ls-files -m) to undo a git rm on some files. However, I had modified some other files without committing them, and these files have been reverted to their previous commit, losing the uncommitted changes.

Is there a way to get these changes back?
I imagine not with git as the changes weren't added to git. On a Mac if that helps.

Thanks Tom

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Check git reflog. Might be helpful in your situation. It's like a list of restore points you can reset to. git-scm.com/docs/git-reflog –  Tim Castelijns Apr 9 at 10:24
If you did a git add of the modified contents, those are now stored in the repository and will show up as "dangling blob"s (use git fsck --lost-found to get file contents, but the names are gone). If not ... well, if Time Machine backed them up you might be able to get them from there. Otherwise they are probably gone. –  torek Apr 9 at 10:34
I didn't git add and time machine doesn't have the changes :( –  holmeswatson Apr 10 at 10:38

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