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I couldn't find any satisfying solution for this problem, though other people have encountered it before...

I'd like to test a business bean which modifies persistent data using a dao.

The dao can be injected into the test methods as it is an ejb.

How to make it available in typical @Before/@After methods, for example to clean up the db.

Brief Example:

public class MyTestClass extends Arquillian {
    @Inject private Dao dao;
    @Inject private MyBean myBean;

    public void cleanDB () {
        dao.remove(foo); // Currently throws NPE as dao is not injected.

    public void someTest () {
        // In a Test-method dao is available and calling cleanDB from here also 
        // works as intended....

As far as I know only the Test-methods are executed in the container. Most information that I found seems to be outdated.

Is there any nice way to achieve this?

Thank you!

I'm using (managed) Wildfly 8 as app server.

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Arquillan invokes the @Before** and @After** methods twice. Once in client mode, once in container mode.

The only solution I found so far is, that you must verify that the dao was injected before you use it like :

public void cleanDB () {
    if (dao != null) {    

So if you make a breakpoint and runs your code you should have 2 invokations of this method: 1st: dao is null 2nd: dao is injected

Hope that helps.

See also for more information.

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