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I have a file which has a line in it as:


I need a script which would read this line and remove the time stamp from it, that is:


The script should print the filename without the timestamp and holding the full path, that is:


Please help as I'm unable to pattern match and output the file path without the timestamp.

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that's a pretty non-standard timestamp format. Are you that short of space that you can't spare two extra digits to have a four-digit year? –  Ether Feb 19 '10 at 16:39

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echo "/hosting/logs/U01-ecom-SIT01/CU01-DC05-IFIO_SIT01_NU01-nc3sz1ecmas11/waslogs/SystemOut_10.01.21_16.54.18.log" | 
  perl -pe "s/_\d\d\.\d\d\.\d\d_\d\d\.\d\d\.\d\d//;"
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$ perl -e 's{_\d{2}\.\d{2}.\d{2}_\d{2}\.\d{2}.\d{2}}{} and print for @ARGV' /hosting/logs/U01-ecom-SIT01/CU01-DC05-IFIO_SIT01_NU01-nc3sz1ecmas11/waslogs/SystemOut_10.01.21_16.54.18.log

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Path shortened to prevent scrolling:

$ cat paths

$ perl -pe 's/(_(\d\d(\.\d\d){2})){2}\.log$/.log/' paths

The timestamp is made up of 2 sequences that look like _##.##.##. The subsequences end with 2 sequences of .##. These are the roles of the {2} quantifiers.

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    @s = split /\// ;
    $fullpath=join("/",splice @s , 0, $#s);
    @a = split /[_.]/ ,$s[-1];
    print $newfile."\n";
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Thank you all !! It worked. –  Ashrafi Mar 26 '10 at 13:49

You can use the following coding

 use strict;
    use warnings;
  my $var; $var=/hosting/logs/U01-ecom-SIT01/CU01-DC05-IFIO_SIT01_NU01-nc3sz1ecmas11/waslogs/SystemOut_10.01.21_16.54.18.log";
    # $var=~s/_10\.01\.21_16\.54\.18//g; # You can use this way also 
    print "$var\n";
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