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I am considerably new to .Net Framework so spare me if I mention/ask something insanely obvious anywhere.

I have been trying to find a way to monitor a C# application which basically runs as a service on my windows machine. Also, there is web app which communicates with this service to perform its tasks. I have used New Relic to monitor the web-app, and I am getting some basic stats of the web app's usage on my dashboard.

Now, I want to monitor this service (not the web app) and debug it for potential performance issues, which are probably due to faulty/inefficient thread allocations, deadlocks, or maybe due to bad memory leaks/issues.

If I am right New Relic is only available for web apps.

Are there any tools that I can use for the same, that can monitor my app, and help me find potential memory or concurrency issues?

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You could try their .Net Agent, is not only for Web apps. You still have to wire up the necessary code to actually submit your app metrics, but you'll get NewRelic's infrastructure for collecting, storing, aggregating and reporting on your metrics. –  Remus Rusanu Apr 9 at 11:56