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I am developing a simple HTML5/Javascript game, which is fully playable on keyboard. I have implemented the roll and jump controls - up and down arrow. Today, I finished the touch events (touchstart and touchend), and it works perfectly on the browser emulation, but once I got it compiled as an .apk (Android application) via CacoonJS, it does not seem to react to any touch input.

Note: I have also posted similar question to the Ludei (CacoonJS) support, but I believe I could get an answer on StackOverflow much earlier.

Here is the simple code structure I am using:

var canvas = document.getElementById('canvas');


canvas.addEventListener("touchstart", this.tStart, false);
canvas.addEventListener("touchend", this.tEnd, false);


this.tStart = function(e) {

this.tEnd= function(e) {

...once again, it works perfectly in the desktop browser, but does not work at all on mobile/tablet device.

Any advices? Thank you!

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