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I am a Symfony developer and my web server is Linux. I already use the sfLucene plugin.

What is the simplest way of indexing PDF files for search on a Linux PHP server?

  1. XPDF, installed like this
  2. Apache Tika via the SOLR sfLucene plugin branch
  3. A 3rd option?


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Coming from a Zend background, i generally recommend using Zend_Search_Lucene. The XPDF example is really straight forward and looks simple. XPDF is licenced as GPL - if that fits your need, go for #1!

ZF can easily be integrated within your Symfony projects, e.g. for a Twitter Call.

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There are many libraries for extracting text content from PDF. With any of these, you then need to create a lucene document with the content. The most useful ones will be those that already have lucene integration.

Apache PDFBox can create a lucene document directly from PDF file. It will include PDF metadata fields as well as text content.

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