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The function below "foo" doesn't work. I would like a way to get the output shown below, working around the principle shown in "foo".

function foo() {
    var i;

    i = "hello world";
    i.a = "hello kitten";
    i.b = "hello... Is there anybody out there?"

    return i; // This doesn't work

This is what I want:

    alert(foo()); // "hello world"
    var bar = foo();
    alert(bar.a); // "hello kitten"
    alert(bar.b); // "hello... Is there anybody out there?"


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Use a string object instead of a string value.

i = new String("hello world");
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In that case, alert(foo()); might show something like { [String: 'hello world'] a: 'hello kitten', b: 'hello... Is there anybody out there?' }? –  thefourtheye Apr 9 '14 at 12:59
Thank you sir! Brilliant (and so quick!). Works perfectly, implementing now. (Will wait a few hours to be polite before I accept). –  User2 Apr 9 '14 at 13:00

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