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The problem: I am unable to retrieve a column of type Long in an Oracle DB source and set it to a string property in a class in .Net

Details: While trying to use dapper to fire SQL queries and get back results, I came across a rather weird situation. I cannot share the actual class details, but here is a sample. I have a class:

public class MyClass
    public string VeryLongMessage { get; set; }

I fire a dapper query as shown below:

using (var con = ConnectionUtility.GetConnection("MyConnectionString"))
    var result = con.QueryAsync<MyClass>("SELECT VeryLongMessage FROM MyView");

But when I check the value in result, I get a null value inside result's VeryLongMessage property.

Has anyone else seen such an issue? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Things I have verified: The column name of my dapper query and the property both match. the property type is string and column in Oracle db's view is Long.

Let me know in case you need more details.

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Is it a LONG or LONG RAW? –  Nishmaster Apr 9 at 13:45
Could it be that you are assigning binary data to a string? Is you make VerLongMessage a byte array does it help? –  JD. Apr 9 at 13:55
@Nishmaster, The column is LONG I believe. –  Hari Apr 9 at 14:19
If you've created a table with a LONG column, change the column type to LOB. LONG has been deprecated for years, and in fact Oracle's documentation on the LONG datatype explicitly says, "Do not create tables with LONG columns". Share and enjoy. –  Bob Jarvis Apr 9 at 14:44
This might be of help. Click on the link that says "Obtaining LONG and LONG RAW Data"‌​. Share and enjoy. –  Bob Jarvis Apr 9 at 23:11
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Look at dapper issue 173

Unfortunately, it seems there are four indirect ways:

  • fix database (in your case you cannot)

  • add additional stored finction to fetch LONG as CLOB. Read Long to Varchar2 conversion.. and find similar topics on AskTom

  • fix the dapper :)

  • use ADO.NET instead

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Hey Naeel. Thanks for your reply. Looks like I'd have to strike out all the options you suggested :( I want to use Dapper/any settings in Dapper to achieve this. –  Hari May 27 at 21:56
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