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I have an rspec test that utilizes code in which I need a debugger to recognize a breakpoint. I have seen examples of how to set debugs in the rspec test itself, but not in the code that the rspec calls. Any ideas?

In the unit test, the code at play here is:

some_object.important_date = Time.now.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")

In the class that gets called, the code at play here is:

def validate_each(record, attribute, value)
  #I'm seeing weird things with Timecop so I want to debug this
  if date <= Date.today
    # do something


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can you post your code please? –  PNY Apr 9 at 14:39
I added the code. Thanks. –  mstrom Apr 9 at 15:24
I think date <= Date.today returns false that's why you never get to your debugging line. Try using byebug before if to see if it works. –  PNY Apr 9 at 15:26
Thanks PNY. It's still not working. –  mstrom Apr 9 at 17:35
sanity check: if you puts "Hello world" do you see it being outputed? –  PNY Apr 10 at 7:37
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