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I have active-x class written in c# which is multi-threaded. I need to call javascript from my activeX. I tried it by Microsoft.mshtml .


function do_Print() {

function report_back(report){


    public void setPage(mshtml.HTMLWindow2Class JSFile) {
                window = JSFile;
    public void scriptPrint(){
                window.execScript("report_back('Printing complete!')", "JScript");

But its throwing exception

"unable to cast COM object of type 'mshtml.HTMLWindow2Class' to interface type 'mshtml.DispHTMLWindow2'"

Is there another way round. I am able to call active-x function from java script but vice versa still got above exception. Any idea for multi-threaded c# active-x calling javascript function ???

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Here is a thread on msdn with several useful links and samples.

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you can access html like this

private void MyControl_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (this.Site != null)
                htmldoc = (HtmlDocument)this.Site.GetService(typeof(HtmlDocument));



then on any button click on our C# control invoke method to click html button

 HtmlElement setCLIButton = htmldoc.GetElementById("searchButton");

by this way you can call your javacsript function hope it will help someone.

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