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In VS.NET, when you add an item to the watch, why is the base property often (always??) endlessly recursive?

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Createa a new MVC project (with the default template), add a breakpoint somewhere in HomeController.Index and add a watch on "ViewData" - Expand the "Raw View" and "base" ad infinitum. This isn't an MVC issue, just the quickest example I could come up. – Karl Seguin Oct 23 '08 at 15:42

Do you still see this behavior in Visual Studio 2010? I remember seeing it on occasion in 2k8 and 2k5, but a cursory glance at my 2k10 projects show no such recursion on base. Sometimes they show many levels deep under base (in one instance 18) and it appears to be "recursive" only because the visible column is the Value column.

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