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I'm using Workbench, but if there's a command line solution for this or some extension, I'm open to that as well.

I'm constantly working in config files per environment (working in .NET, so please no answers a la "change your config files" etc) and at times I need to commit specific updates to the file. I've seen this behavior in Github for Mac client, but is anything like this available in Mercurial/Workbench? e.g.


config value="123"
whatever blah blah

change both lines e.g.

config value="42"

My goal is to commit only line 2 (whatever) while not committing line 1 (config value="42")

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You probably need RecordExtension which is shipped with Mercurial but has to be enabled to be used.

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Record can't see any change smaller than a diff hunk, so consecutive lines will be treated as one single change. While some diff implementations let you override the hunk size, Record doesn't have that sharp of a knife when splitting hairs. – Ti Strga Apr 18 '14 at 20:28

The Record Extention isn't up to the job in this case. It will lump the two changes into a single hunk which you can include or not, but it won't allow you to split them.

What you need is the CRecord Extention, as that allows you to select individual lines. It's also a nicer interface.

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