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I have 24 groups that I have plotted using geom_line in ggplot2. I was wondering whether there is a quick way to change the colour of one of those particular groups to black without specifying the colours of the other 23?

My code:

ggplot(max, aes(x = dap,y = cf, group=variables, colour = variables)) +
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possible duplicate of R: changing line colors with ggplot() –  hrbrmstr Apr 9 at 15:26
Yep - that is what I'm using... but I want to try and not specify the colours of every other group and just override the colour of just one. –  user2726449 Apr 9 at 15:31
If you know the order of the groups (they're factors, so it shld be easy to do that) then you can use rep to generate the vector of colors and just substitute one color in the position of the one you want to highlight. i.e. line.cols <- rep("#7f7f7f",24) ; line.cols[4] <- "DIFFERENT" –  hrbrmstr Apr 9 at 15:33
I could but I still want the other groups to be different colours. –  user2726449 Apr 9 at 15:42
line.cols <- terrain.colors(24) ; line.cols[4] <- "DIFFERENT" :-) or rainbow or heat.colors or topo.colors or cm.colors (and many outside base & grDevices packages. –  hrbrmstr Apr 9 at 15:46

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