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My solr db has multiple schema as below,

***Part of Schema 1***

***Part of Schema 2***

When I do a q = *:*, I get <field6>,<field7> and <field8> but not the remaining fields.. I am able to select fields 1-5 only when field1:'value' in the q object.

Is there a way to know that 6-8 is part of schema-2 and 1-5 is part of schema-1

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Depending on your search handler (like (e)DISMAX) you can define the default search fields. Or you can use the qf= Parameter to define the fields, you like to search in:

If you like to separate your DB schema in solr, so that fields from schema-1 does not know the fields from schema-2, you can use 2 different solr cores: one for each schema.

Is there a way to know that 6-8 is part of schema-2 and 1-5 is part of schema-1

As far as i know, Solr does not support DB schemas. A field insight solr is a field. There is no way to add additional (meta) informations, where this field is coming from. So you will not be able to filter your queries depending on there origin - except by defining the Query fields or by separating schemas in cores or something like that.

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@Bndr: Thanks for the comments..Useful – user1050619 Apr 10 '14 at 12:47

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