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I have a topic set up with using Camel and ActiveMQ which receives messages as a byte array of a protobuf.

The receive route looks like this:

        <from uri="jmsComponent:topic:{{heartbeat}}" />
            <protobuf instanceClass="protobuf.HeartbeatProto" />
        <to uri="bean:heartbeatConsumer" />

The heartbeatConsumer only has one method that takes the POJO version of a Heartbeat. In order for this to work, I have a type converter that converts to/from POJO to protobuf.

This works very well and Camel is able to take the byte array and pass it to the heartbeatConsumer as a POJO.

My issue comes with the sender. I have my sending route setup as:

        <from uri="quartz2://heartbeatJob?cron=0/30+*+*+*+*+?" />
        <to uri="bean:heartbeat?method=sendHeartbeat" />
            <protobuf instanceClass="protobuf.HeartbeatProto" />
        <to uri="jmsComponent:topic:{{heartbeat}}" />       

It gives me the exception: 'java.lang.ClassCastException: protobuf.HeartbeatProto cannot be cast to com.google.protobuf.Message'

Why would it be able to automatically type converter in the receive route, but not in the sending route?

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Marshalling Java classes to a protobuf payload only works correctly with Java classes implementing the com.google.protobuf.Message interface as can be seen digging into the source code of org.apache.camel.dataformat.protobuf.ProtobufDataFormat (here):

public void marshal(Exchange exchange, Object graph, OutputStream outputStream) throws Exception {
    ((Message)graph).writeTo(outputStream);  // <- here the ClassCastException occurs!

As stated at the Camel doc, you should start with a .proto definition file that is compiled with protoc --java_out=. ./protobuf.HeartbeatProto to a Java class implementing the desired interface.

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I don't think this is a question of implementing the interface. Mike Fisher seems to have an issue where sendHeartbeat method is returning a POJO for which he has written a TypeConverter (for example class Heartbeat to class HeartbeatProto implements com.google.protobuf.Message). Shouldn't Camel's Type Converter system be able to know the input is a Heartbeat Object and the output needs to be a HeartbeatProto implements com.google.protobuf.Message Object and do the type conversion for you? –  thpatel Apr 15 at 15:38
If HeartbeatProto would implement the interface Message we wouldn't see the ClassCastException. –  Peter Apr 16 at 6:20
Implementing Message seems like overkill. sendHeartbeat is returning a POJO, of which Camel has an TypeConverter to convert from POJO to an object that implements Message (in this case protobuf.HeartbeatProto). –  thpatel Apr 18 at 16:12
@thpatel Yes, you are right, implementing Message seems like overkill. However, I don't see another solution. –  Peter May 9 at 9:38

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