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I'm new in java and i'm trying to make a small crud application using swing, with Authentication features and GUI.

Can you plz give me the right organization and naming of my packages ??

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is there any standard normalization of java packages names like dao, test, gui ... –  Haithem Rihane Apr 9 at 15:57

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There's no hard and fast rule, but the rule of thumb is to start with your company's domain name in reverse:


Then add on the project:


This ensures you're unlikely to have clashes between your classes and those from the libraries you depend on.

Then personally I try break things down by their functional groups, for example

com.mycompany.project.domain        // contains the business domain classes
com.mycompany.project.io            // contains the classes that deal with network or file-system
com.mycompany.project.persistence   // contains the classes that handle persistence of the business domain classes
com.mycompany.project.ui            // contains the user interface related classes

Within those packages, I might have further group but that would be very specific to the project.

The important thing is to be consistent across your project.

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Thank you for your answer, this is what i'm looking for, but i still don't have a right clarity on the content of packages io and domain. –  Haithem Rihane Apr 9 at 16:07
I'll add some clarification –  Nick Holt Apr 9 at 16:14
Thx a lot for the clarification. –  Haithem Rihane Apr 9 at 16:34

Short answer: One package per module/feature, possibly with sub-packages. Put closely related things together in the same package. Avoid circular dependencies between packages.

Long answer: I agree with most of this article

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