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I've created a table that has two columns: both varchars for numbers. My text file also has two columns, separated by commas.

Here's the command I'm using (italics used to distinguish from syntax):

COPY *table_name* FROM '/C:/Users/username/Desktop/filename.txt' DELIMITER ',' CSV;

I'm getting this error: ERROR: "COPY FROM 'filename'..." not currently supported

Everywhere I read says that I need to use the COPY FROM command, yet the error says it's not supported. I've tried changing forward slashes to backslashes and double backslashes as well. Nada

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

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Are you logged in as a superuser? (postgres user) – Neil McGuigan Apr 9 '14 at 17:45
To whom are you issuing that command? Your tags do not indicate a client program. Also, what versions are you using? – jjanes Apr 9 '14 at 19:12

Here I think you forget to add Table Name between COPY FROM . it should be COPY TABLE_NAME FROM

Below is the working Example for it:

      master_id serial NOT NULL,
      master_name character varying,
      CONSTRAINT master_pkey PRIMARY KEY (master_id),
      CONSTRAINT unique_master UNIQUE (master_name)
    WITH (
    ALTER TABLE master
      OWNER TO postgres;
  • Demo.csv



SQL to COPY from CSV file to master Table :

 COPY master FROM 'D:\demo.csv'  DELIMITER AS ',';

Note: In many cases if you put your CSV file in C:\ than it will give Access denied error. so I put this in D:\

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