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I am sorry but I really tried to find the following in the documentation:

What does armA, armB, angleA, anngleB each mean in the plt.annotate? For example, in:

ax.annotate('arc', xy=(1.5, -1),  xycoords='data',
            xytext=(-40, -30), textcoords='offset points',
            arrowprops=dict(arrowstyle="->", connectionstyle=

Thanks a lot!

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look for them here and the answer is also here –  adrin Apr 9 at 16:20
@adrin The artists link does contain what I wanted! Thank you so much. Would you like to make it an answer so I can accept it? –  Shawn Wang Apr 9 at 17:34

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Those parameters are to initialize the ConnectionStyle.Arc class. As you can see in detail here.

class ConnectionStyle.Arc(angleA=0, angleB=0, armA=None, armB=None, rad=0.0)

Bases: matplotlib.patches._Base

Creates a picewise continuous quadratic bezier path between two points. The path can have two passing-through points, a point placed at the distance of armA and angle of angleA from point A, another point with respect to point B. The edges are rounded with rad.

angleA : starting angle of the path

angleB : ending angle of the path

armA : length of the starting arm

armB : length of the ending arm

rad : rounding radius of the edges

connect(posA, posB)

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