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How can i put in variable 'A', variable 'B'

I have two variable {$current_page} and {$globalContent.INDEX_BTN}

How can i make something like that -> {$globalContent.{$current_page}_BTN} that word INDEX in variable {$globalContent.INDEX_BTN} will switched to value from variable {$current_page}

Edited: I want to do in Smarty, something like this what i can do in PHP

    $lang = array with text
    $curr_page = 'ORDER';
    echo $lang[$curr_page.'_BTN'];

P.S variable $lang it's array with many indexes which contain text, and two of them INDEX_BTN & ORDER_BTN, so can i make something like that PHP code in Smarty ? That array lang assigned to Smarty like {$globalContent}

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I can't find a related question here on SO, but this may be useful to you –  Michael Berkowski Apr 9 at 16:38
I edited post, wrote how it looks in PHP, and that i want do that in Smarty. Is it real ? –  kxc Apr 9 at 16:45
Is it real to do somethink like that in Smarty ? –  kxc Apr 9 at 17:55
Yes, as in the forum topic I linked. I don't have direct experience with this and therefore am not going to post an answer, but something like { assign var="btn_var" value="`$current_page`_BTN" } used as { $globalContent.$btn_var } –  Michael Berkowski Apr 9 at 18:06
Perfect, it's what i needed, sorry that inattentively was reading topics from your link. Thanks ! –  kxc Apr 9 at 18:21

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