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When DoModal() function is called for browsing the .avi files in the folder. It never shows the avi file even though it is present. My Code :

CString csStr = _T("Video Files (.avi) | *.avi") _T("\\");
CFileDialog fileOpen(TRUE, _T(".avi"), _T("Video0001.avi"), OFN_EXPLORER | OFN_HIDEREADONLY | OFN_FILEMUSTEXIST, csStr, this);
if(fileOpen.DoModal() == IDOK) {
    csFileName = fileOpen.GetFileName();
    csFolderPath = fileOpen.GetFolderPath();
    csVideoPath = csFolderPath + "\\" + csFileName;

Same code is working in another system but not mine. I use VS studio 2010 premium on Windows 7 64 bit pc. But the solution platform is x86.

Please advice.

Thanks a lot!!!

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In the title you write "the thumbnail image isn't displayed" and in the question you write "the .avi file is not shown". Make up your mind. –  Michael Walz Apr 9 at 21:24

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