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Using Camel 11, likely will upgrade to 13.0:

Req: If some part of route throws a FatalException or its subclass, the route should be stopped. How do I express this in onExpression section of SpringDSL. If that is not the right place, what is the right place to do that?


        <exception>eri.odapp.OdAppFatalException or its subclass</exception>

        <log loggingLevel="ERROR" message="A fatal error happend in route <routeName> while processing file: ${header.CamelFileName}, Shutting down the route  " />

        <!--  Shut down the route where this fatal exception happened (so admins can rectify the scenario and restart the flow)-->


Fatal Exception Hierarchy:

public class OdAppException extends RuntimeException 
public class OdAppIOException extends OdAppFatalException
public class OdAppDataAccessException extends OdAppFatalException
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i dont know if there is something in xml for stopRoute but you can delegate the task of stopping the route to a bean in your onException clause. – Sikorski Apr 9 '14 at 19:21

A slightly different context than your question, but perhaps this thread this would be applicable?

Stop routing in otherwise clause

Also may be of interest:

camel FAQ on stopping routes

(note: might have made this a comment rather than an answer but don't yet have that option due to points/reputation)

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