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I'm working in versionned namespaces named v1, v2, v3....

And I'm getting an error when calling a function defined in the same namespace but in another file.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function v2\password_hash()

I'm requiring a little library to crypt my passwords : (password_compatibility_library.php)

namespace v2;

if (!defined('PASSWORD_DEFAULT')) {

    define('PASSWORD_SHA512', 1);
    define('PASSWORD_BCRYPT', 0);

     * Hash the password using the specified algorithm
     * @param string $password The password to hash
     * @param int    $algo     The algorithm to use (Defined by PASSWORD_* constants)
     * @param array  $options  The options for the algorithm to use
     * @return string The hashed password, or false on error.
    function password_hash($password, $algo, array $options = array()) {
        return $ret;

As you can see I added a "namespace v2;" at the top of the file to handle different versions of the library through my own versions.

Then I require it in User.php :

namespace v2;

require_once(__DIR__ . '/libraries/password_compatibility_library.php');
require_once(__DIR__ . '/model/Registration.php');

use v2\Registration;

public function join($email, $password){
    $register = new Registration($email, $password);
    if ($register->registration_successful == true){
        return $this->returnSuccess();
    } else{
        throw new RestException($register->error_code, $register->errors[0]);

No worries about the require_once(), I get the file, I'm 100% sure about it.

Finally the Registration.php file :


namespace v2;

class Registration
    private $user_password = "";
    private $user_password_hash = "";

    public function __construct($email, $password)
        if (!$confirm){
            $this->registerNewUser($email, $password);

    private function registerNewUser($email, $password)
                $this->user_password = $password;
                $this->user_password_hash = password_hash($this->user_password, PASSWORD_DEFAULT);

I tried to put password_hash() in the global namespace (no namespace declaration) and to call \password_hash() but I got almost the same error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_hash()

I walked around this problem since some times and found some similar problem on stack overflow but I didn't find a real answer which works in my case.

Thanks !

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The password_hash() function is only available for PHP 5.5 - If your version is lower than that, you could use the compatibility pack => github.com/ircmaxell/password_compat –  Fred -ii- Apr 10 '14 at 2:19

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