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Is it possible to generate .m and .h's for any grammar/ rules so that during parsing it creates an object that represents that rule.

So some grammar

coolObjName = Word;

could generate a class that is named coolObjName (or some variation) and has a field for the word, and generates the action:

coolObjName = Word{
    CoolObjName* newName = [[CoolObjName alloc] initWithWord:POP_STR()];

Then a higher level rule such as:

myhigherlevel = coolObjName Number;

would create a myHigherLevel class that has a coolObjName member and a number, which then adds the action:

myhigherlevel = coolObjName Number{
   double num = POP_DOUBLE();
   coolObjName* name = POP(); 
   MyHigherLevel* higherLevel = [[MyHigherLevel alloc] init];
   higherLevel.number = num; = name;

Empty tags turn to empty objects and * and + result in arrays.

Is there a tool that can do this or where would I go to create such. (seems super useful and awesome)

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you want DSL to generate ObjC code? – Bryan Chen Apr 10 '14 at 2:58

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Creator of PEGKit here.

There's nothing currently in PEGKit which will inspect your rules and auto-generate ObjC AST or model classes which might match your intent. For now, PEGKit can only produce source code for your parser, but not your related AST or model classes.

It is probably very likely that you will be building an Abstract Syntax Tree (or Intermediate Representation) in your Actions or Parser Delegate Callbacks. ANLTR has some wonderful high-level Tree Rewriting features which allow you to specify in the grammar how to build your AST. Although looking at the docs it seems this might have changed significantly since ANTLR 3? Not sure. It used to look like something like this (maybe it still does, I'm not an ANTLR expert):

addExpr : lhs=NUM op='+' rhs=NUM -> ^(op lhs rhs);

The -> means rewrite to tree like…

And the ^(op …) means tree rooted by a plus operator containing children….

I would love to add tree rewriting features like this to PEGKit, for the express purpose of building ASTs (but not other model objects). But honestly, it's a huge task, and it is not likely to appear soon.

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