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My program works like this:

I have a WebView that loads assets/index.html. In this HTML I have the "Download Button", and am using Ajax to call a function to download HTML from a website. Then, the user has an option to open this downloaded HTML file inside the WebView (using the myWebView.loadUrl).

How can I make the user allowed to "edit" the HTML? I want them to be able to select text and edit the colour/font/background/bold/italic/etc. and then save and it update the HTML file with the edited text (probably with tags, <b><i>Edited Text</b></i> in the place of the normal edited text?

I think it is better to use JavaScript to do this, then when they click "Save", it calls a method to save and the next time the user clicks to "See the html in the WebView" it shows the styled text.

How can I do this? Maybe using JavaScript/jQuery text Editor like this (http://jqueryte.com/demos)?

I don't know about performance issues, since every time the user edits something the application will have to parse from file, show in WebView, edit, than write again full text to the file.

Can anyone offer some examples? directions? or better advice?

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Add attribute contenteditable to your <body>

<body contenteditable='true'>

Now your <body> is editable.

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thanks the answer, i will study this -> html5doctor.com/the-contenteditable-attribute but still the doubt about adding the support of bold/italic etc.. –  user3284660 Apr 9 '14 at 18:44
man, thanks so much, after you give me this new info about contenteditable, i tried new searchs and i found this: xing.github.io/wysihtml5 –  user3284660 Apr 9 '14 at 18:49

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