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In my school project (simple Swing application) I have a class that does some computational stuff (trains neural network) and this computation runs in iterations. I would like to actualize some GUI components (JProgressBar) and show to the user what iteration is actually processed (e.g. 100/10000).

I would like to ask how to accomplish it with respect to application design. I don't want to mix computation code with code for refreshing GUI components. Is it a proper situation to use Observer design pattern? If so, I can set my computation class as an observable object and register observer - class that will actualize JProgressBar.

Is it ok or is there some better way how to achieve it?

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Having some sort of ComputationObserver sounds like a good way. –  NESPowerGlove Apr 9 at 19:31
The progress bar needs to be updated manually directly or indirectly so with respect to "don't want to mix computation code with ... " you do have to put something in there. –  Radiodef Apr 9 at 19:36
For example. –  trashgod Apr 9 at 21:54

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Depending on how much time your computation takes, you should also consider SwingWorker. Also having observer or some kind of handler which will update gui is good idea.

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The computation takes few seconds (5-10). –  user2148736 Apr 9 at 19:40

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