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I have a rabl:

collection @posts.sort_by { |p| p["title"] }
attributes :id, :name, :title

which gives me a json result like this:

[{ "id":9, "name":"whatever", "title":"whatever" }]

Now I'd also like to add to each item in my collection a 'sub-collection' of related posts, with the same attributes -- like this:

[{ "id":9, "name":"Sports", "title":"whatever", 
  "related_posts": [
    { "id":10, "name":"Other sports", "title":"whatever" }

Assuming my Post model already has a related_posts attribute, how can I get this in there?

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Please try this:

collection @posts.sort_by { |p| p["title"] }
attributes :id, :name, :title
child(:related_posts) { attributes :id, :name, :title }

Hope it helps.

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