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I am using Joshua Flanagan article “Auto mocking Explained” as a guide. In the article there is a section called “The same tests, with automocker would look like this”. I used this information to build code to run the automocker.
As you can see below answer is a list returned from the BLL. Answer does have one row in it; however, all fields are null. So the test for boo fails. Any tips and hints would be greatly appreciated.

        public void GetStaffListAndRolesByTeam_CallBLLWithDALStub()
            // Build List<> data for stub
            List<StaffRoleByTeamCV> stubData = new List<StaffRoleByTeamCV>();
            StaffRoleByTeamCV stubRow = new StaffRoleByTeamCV();
            stubRow.Role = "boo";
            stubRow.StaffId = 12;
            stubRow.StaffName = "Way Cool";

            // create the automocker
            var autoMocker = new RhinoAutoMocker<PeteTestBLL>();

            // get instance of test class (the BLL)
            var peteTestBllHdl = autoMocker.ClassUnderTest;

            // stub out call to DAL inside of BLL
            autoMocker.Get<IPeteTestDAL>().Stub(c => c.GetStaffListAndRolesByTeam("4146")).Return(stubData);

            // make call to BLL this should return stubData
            List<StaffRoleByTeamCV> answer = peteTestBllHdl.GetStaffListAndRolesByTeam("4146");

            // do simple asserts to test stubData present
            // this passes
            Assert.IsTrue(1 == answer.Count,  "Did not find any rows"); 
            // this fails
            Assert.IsTrue(answer[0].Role == "boo", "boo was not found");  

I tried using MockMode.AAA but still no joy

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An new version of AutoMocker (1.0.3) is available. The new version supports relay mode as in this example..

    public void ShouldSupportOrderedTest()
        var autoMocker = new RhinoAutoMocker<CustomerUpdater>();

        var mockRepository = autoMocker.Repository;

        using (mockRepository.Ordered())
            autoMocker.Get<ICustomerDataProvider>().Expect(x => x.GetCustomer(Arg<int>.Is.Anything)).Return(new CustomerItem());
            autoMocker.Get<ICustomerDataProvider>().Expect(x => x.UpdateCustomer(Arg<CustomerItem>.Is.Anything));
            autoMocker.Get<ILogWriter>().Expect(x => x.Write(Arg<string>.Is.Anything));
            autoMocker.Get<ILogWriter>().Expect(x => x.Write(Arg<string>.Is.Anything));
            autoMocker.Get<IMailSender>().Expect(x => x.SendMail(Arg<string>.Is.Anything, Arg<string>.Is.Anything));

        autoMocker.ClassUnderTest.UpdateCustomerName(1, "Frank", "");

       ExceptionAssert.Throws<ExpectationViolationException>(mockRepository.VerifyAll,"IMailSender.SendMail(anything, anything); Expected #1, Actual #0.\r\nILogWriter.Write(anything); Expected #1, Actual #0.\r\n");  

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I haven't tried, but this article suggests that by default all the mocks created by automocker are not replayed:

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Yes that was true for the previous version. But was changed to support ordered tests in version 1.0.3.

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