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If I don't have pkg-config installed nor glib my configure breaks with a syntax error when running ./configure. Is there a way to break with AC_MSG_ERROR?

./configure: line 4001: syntax error near unexpected token `GLIB2,'
./configure: line 4001: `  PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GLIB2, glib-2.0, , as_fn_error $? "glib needed" "$LINENO" 5)'


AC_ARG_ENABLE(GTK, [], [gtk="$enabled"], gtk=no)

if test "$gtk" = "yes"; then
    AC_CHECK_LIB([gtk-x11-2.0], [gtk_init], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([gtk needed])])
    AC_CHECK_PROG(HAVE_PKG_CONFIG, pkg-config, yes)
    if test x"$HAVE_PKG_CONFIG" != x"yes" ; then
    PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GLIB2, glib-2.0, [], AC_MSG_ERROR([glib needed]))
    AC_CHECK_LIB([glib-2.0], [g_list_append], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([glib needed])])

AM_CONDITIONAL([GTK], [test "x$gtk" = "xyes"])
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The configure script was generated incorrectly, in absence of pkg.m4. For all non-basic macros that don't start with AC_* it's a good idea to distribute them with the source code for this reason, so you can at least get a correct configure script.

That said, pkg-config is pretty ubiquitous nowadays, why are you generating a configure script from a system that doesn't have it? You could simply make dist from a "better" system, and build from the output tarball (that will contain a valid configure script).

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PKG_CHECK_MODULES works great if pkg-config is installed. However, since not all systems have it, then I'd need to add an extra dependency to the program I'm building. If an alternative to glib was enabled, then I shouldn't need to have pkg-config installed to run configure, otherwise, use PKG_CHECK_MODULES. –  user1024718 Apr 10 at 1:55
Once PKG_* macros are correctly expanded you can use the ACTION-IF-NOT-FOUND argument to handle either the absence of the library you are checking, or the complete absence of pkg-config (in this case all PKG_CHECK_MODULES will invoke ACTION-IF-NOT-FOUND). As I said, you should not be generating the configure script everywhere, generate it once on any system with enough system tools, then use the tarball on the less capable systems. –  DanielKO Apr 10 at 2:07

Adding a check for pkg-config should do the trick:

# require pkg-config
AC_PATH_PROG([PKG_CONFIG], [pkg-config], [no])
AS_IF([test "x$PKG_CONFIG" = "xno"],[
   *** The pkg-config script could not be found. Make sure it is
   *** in your path, or set the PKG_CONFIG environment variable
   *** to the full path to pkg-config.])
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Unfortunately I keep getting the same error. It seems it doesn't like PKG_CHECK_MODULES if GLib is not installed. –  user1024718 Apr 9 at 22:06

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