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I have a problem with updating a table. The update takes place in a class.

$sql= $pdo->prepare("insert into table1 (iduser)  VALUES (:i)");

the update takes place, but regardless of the parameter I send, the iduser column is always 0 (zero). I don't know where the problem may be. Can you help me please ?

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Why are you creating an intermediate variable $i which serves no practical purpose? –  tadman Apr 9 at 19:55
It sounds like maybe $this->idu is not what you think it is? If that is true then the problem is outside the code that you posted. Try to use echo or a debugger and see what it really contains at the time you call bindParam. –  RobP Apr 9 at 19:55
Exactly as RobP saies. Or simply do a die($this->idu); before the bindParam method. –  Jonas m Apr 9 at 19:56
I am sorry for disappointing you, but this query updates nothing. –  Your Common Sense Apr 9 at 20:01
I found the error: $sql->bindParam(":i",$i); doesn't work, but $sql->bindParam(":i",$this->idu); worked. Do you know why ? –  Vali Ploiesti Apr 9 at 20:06
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