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I'm using VIM to work with Powershell files. How do I make gvim:

  • show full list of strings that match some regex? (either in new buffer or in command window)
  • go to a line selected in the found list?
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The following command will get you all the matching lines into the command window.

:vimgrep /INSERT_EXPRESSION_HERE/ % | cw

You can then use normal vim navigation to find the line inside the command window, and hit Enter to jump to that line in the file. To return to the list again, you can use the normal vim Window movement commands C-w,j in normal mode.

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For a non-persistent list of search results, you can use the built-in :ilist command to list and :ijump to jump. My FindOccurrence plugin has extended mappings ([/ to query for a pattern, list all occurrences, and query for a number to jump to, and [N which uses the current search pattern). Here's a little demo:

enter image description here

To persist the list of search results, :vimgrep with the quickfix list can be used (as shown in @merlin2011's answer). My GrepHere plugin makes this even easier. Again, a short demo: enter image description here

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