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I want to organize the directories and users for my project to have proper access rights.

I will have 3 types of environments: DEV, UAT and PROD

DEV might have several development environments - DEV01, DEV02, DEV03, the same for UAT.

I will have local file system like this


I want to have a deployment user mydeployuser, that people can't login into, just su if needed. This user will belong to mydeploydev, mydeployuat and mydeployprod. This user and group will own the /mydirectory/ .

I also want to have separate users and groups for DEV01,02,03, UAT and PROD. These will own '/mydirectory/DEV01/' and the corresponding directories.

Is it possible that mydeployuser has rights to write to all the environments, but when it does the writing it writes as the corresponding user/group, so when it writes to /mydirectory/DEV01/the_rest_of_the_project it does it as DEV01 user and group?

Is this sound arrangement, or should I make it different?

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