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How to remove the axis label, axis ticks and title in the FactoMineR package of R? The following code gives an error saying "formal argument "xlab" matched by multiple actual arguments":

plot(res.pca,choix="var", shadow=TRUE,
     select = c("Tree", "Fish"),
     yaxt="n", xaxt="n", xlab="", ylab="", col.var = "red", cex=2, lwd=2, title=NA)

If I get rid of xlab="", ylab="", things work fine except for the fact that I have the x and y axis labels. I don't want those.

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wow that is an annoying package name. What kind of object are you plotting? –  rawr Apr 9 at 22:57
> class(res.pca) [1] "PCA" "list ". List I guess!! –  ToNoY Apr 10 at 3:31

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Hye, I think you have to set the option "graph =FALSE " when you conduct the PCA:


Then you can plot with options cat

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