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I have a problem when trying to change the default font size output for Tinymce.

I have created a separate content.css file with the required fonts and added this line in my code:

    content_css: MYSURL+"css/content.css",

With this I managed to change how the text is displayed on the submit form page, which is part of what I need.

The problem is when i try to display the text directly from the database - it is being displayed with the default font size of 10px.

Note: When I change the font size from the Styles dropdown in tinymce it works. The problem seems to be only with the default formatting.

I will appreciate any help here. What am I missing?

Thank you.

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looks like you will need to apply the same stylesheet after you get your conten from the database –  Thariama Apr 11 at 9:42
Thanks for that, this is what I finally did. However, the problem is still there if the user has the option to change the font size himself. –  BradG Apr 17 at 8:48
doesn't the fontsize get saved to the content as well? –  Thariama Apr 22 at 7:25

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