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I'm working on this site - and using GoogleFonts to show the scripted font.

I noticed it is not rendering correctly when viewed on a MacBook in Safari. It does render correctly in Safari on my iMac or on iOS devices, but not on a MacBook.

Do you happen to know what could be causing it and how to fix?

P.S. I tried to attach a photo, by each time I tired StackOverflow crashed. :/

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Try adding !important hack to the font-family declarations in your CSS. This might do the trick.

font-family: Cinzel, serif !important;

Let me know if that worked.

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NO, did not work. I also noticed that the same font also doesn't render in IE11. I'm using 2 GoogleFonts - Cinzel and ALexBrush. The Cinzel renders everywhere OK, but AlexBrush doesn't seem to render everywhere same way. – hanazair Apr 21 '14 at 17:48
Just wanted to give an update - the issue was solved...somehow the link to GoogleFont got accidentally deleted form my header and I didn't catch it... so... silly really, but that's what it was. – hanazair May 13 '14 at 18:41
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The issue is solved... as embarrassing as it sounds, it turns out that the link to Google Font file got accidentally deleted from my code. The the font was showing Ok on my computer, because I have that font locally. But it wasn't showing on my husband's MacBook because he doesn't have that font.

So, nothing was wrong with Google Font or with MacBook rendering it. It was just my mistake of not noticing that the link to the font got somehow deleted in the code.

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