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This is a section of my JQuery script that I want to disable/avoid when the viewport is under 1100px and thus being displayed on a touch device. How can I integrate that with window resize detection as well?

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Don't depend on viewport-size to determine if the browser is on a touch-device. Actually check for touch using something like Modernizr. –  Jasper Apr 9 at 22:57
Whether or not a user is on an actual touch device, if the viewport is 400 pixels wide I want the user to be viewing a website fit for 400 pixels wide. Modernizr will determine if it's a touch device but how would it disable JQuery functions? –  oceanic815 Apr 9 at 23:04
$(window).width() gets the current width of the window, this dimension changes if the browser is resized. You can also base your conditional off of screen.width which is the screen resolution, not browser window size. –  Jasper Apr 9 at 23:15

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