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Once I launch the terminal app, I see a network machine name before my name, any idea how to fix it.

attached screenshot.

the name before : (colon) is a network machine nameenter image description here


i went to system preferences and turned off file sharing, but it's still there (will check again after rebooting computer)

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This has nothing to do with FileSharing and everything to do with the hostname that the DNS server (usually a dynamic address-ing DHCP thing) assigns you.

So what you really want to do is modify your Bash prompt.

And here is a tutorial that talks about how to do it.

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You can set a custom prompt by editing your ~/.bashrc file. Just add:

export PS1="\W \$"

If you have no .bashrc file in your user home directory just create one. :D

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I want to revert to default one instead of creating a custom prompt, I've no idea how the other machine lvallone-hp appeared on my prompt, it's my colleague's machine –  user2727195 Apr 10 '14 at 18:38

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