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I have loaded in my dataset "my dataset", added some new variables, and now wish to save it in my working directory as a csv file.

if I use write.table(, file="newdata.csv", na=""), I get a spreadsheet that is not is not separated properly. I would like my variables along the top, and my values separated by columns according to those variables.

I have had trouble interpreting the R helppage on write.table, and would like to know which arguments I should enter so that my data can be written appropriately.

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Bro, write.csv. – Hugh Apr 10 '14 at 0:21

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"I would like my variables along the top" --> try using col.names=T in write.table, which will put your headings row on the top.

"and my values separated by columns according to those variables" -- uhh, write.table always does this. Do you mean that you want (say) a comma separator or tab separator instead of the default space? Then use the sep=',' argument (that would put separator as a comma).

If you don't want row numbers to show up, use row.names=F.

?write.table explains it all pretty clearly, though it's possible I'm misunderstanding your question.

You can even just use write.csv, which is just a wrapper around write.table with comma as the separator.

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