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Suppose, I have two options:

val a: Option = Some("string")
val b: Option = None

How to efficiently check that both a and b is defined?

I now that I can wrote something like this:

if (a.isDefined && b.isDefined) {

But, it looks ugly and not efficiently.

So. How to do that? What is best practices?


I want to do my business logic.

if (a.isDefined && b.isDefined) {

   SomeService.changeStatus(someObject, someStatus)

   /* some logic with a */
   /* some logic with b */
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It depends, what do you want to do with the options if both are defined? As far as efficiency goes, your current solution is probably the fastest (though it's probably not worth worrying too much about that) –  Ryan Apr 9 at 23:30
Thanks, for reply. I want to do my business logic with this a and b –  jxcoder Apr 9 at 23:55

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Use a for comprehension:

val a: Option[String] = Some("string")
val b: Option[String] = None

for {
    aValue <- a
    bValue <- b
} yield SomeService.changeStatus(someObject, someStatus)
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Is this more efficient than if (a.isDefined && b.isDefined) SomeService.changeStatus(someObject, someStatus)? It definetly seems more obscure. –  Dominykas Mostauskis Apr 10 at 10:27
It's probably slightly less efficient because it becomes a.flatMap(aValue => b.map(bValue => ... )). However, this is the idiomatic way to work Option in scala and prevents a class of errors that Option is designed to protect you from. –  Noah Apr 10 at 12:36

Alternatively, just for fun,

scala> val a: Option[String] = Some("string")
a: Option[String] = Some(string)

scala> val b: Option[String] = None
b: Option[String] = None

scala> val c = Option("c")
c: Option[String] = Some(c)

scala> (a zip b).nonEmpty
res0: Boolean = false

scala> (a zip c).nonEmpty
res1: Boolean = true

scala> (a zip b zip c).nonEmpty
res2: Boolean = false
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Oh! Greate way) –  jxcoder Apr 10 at 0:26

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