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I have a chunk of text like:

<b>First content</b> followed by <b>second content</b>


"First content" and then "second content"

And I want to create an array that looks: [1] => "First content" [2] => "second content"

From either example, where I get the content between two tags. I've figured out how to get the first instances, but can't figure out the best way to make it recursive.

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If you know what exactly is between "First content" and "second content", use explode:


$values = explode("followed by", $yourtext);

(use "strip_tags" on your array-elements if you just want the plaintext)

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I wound up using explode , but using my tags (<b> or " in the above example), and then logically figuring out which ones were contained in the tags. Thanks! – Corey Feb 19 '10 at 17:37

If you are looking to extract all content between specific tags, you may be best off with a HTML DOM Parser like simplehtmldom.

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$yourArray = split(" followed by ", $yourString);


As long as you have the same text in between each value that you want to break up into an array you can use this example.

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$string="<b>First content</b> followed by <b>second content</b>";
$s = explode("followed by", strip_tags($string));
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basically you need a regexp in form "START(.+?)END", for example

$a = "<b>First content</b> followed by <b>second content</b>";
preg_match_all("~<b>(.+?)</b>~", $a, $m);
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