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this is slightly different to the other questions on stack in that, I need to call my controller's functions with parameters that exist exclusively in my directive.

directive (markup):

<div do-something="doSomething(x)"></div>

directive (js):

var directive = function () {
    return {
        restrict: 'EA',
        templateUrl: '/angular/node-for-detail.html',
        scope: {
            doSomething: '&'

markup inside directive:

<span ng-click="doSomething('im not resolving')"></span>

function inside controller:

$scope.doSomething = function(myVar) { //myVar is null };

So the problem is, inside the directive param.abs resolved fine, but then, inside the called scope function the parameters are null! What am I doing wrong? How can I get the parameter to make it through?

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You need to decide on a standard name for the parameter to the function that will be specified in the markup (in your example, you used x). Then you can create a function in the directive's isolate scope that will call the doSomething() method like so:

directive link function:

$scope.runCallback = function (param) {
    $scope.doSomething({x: param});

Then just change your markup inside the directive to be:

<span ng-click="runCallback('im not resolving')"></span>

Now your markup call (<div do-something="doSomething(x)"></div>) and the function inside the controller will work correctly.

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Try replace your markup inside directive be like this :

<span ng-click="doSomething()('im not resolving')"></span>

And directive markup :

<div do-something="doSomething"></div>
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