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I want to get the average of days between some dates, for example, I have a table called Patient that has the id of the registration, patient's id, entry date and final date:


I want to get the average of days of the entry fields, I have tried a lot of thing but I only get random results. I tried with dtiff but it needs two arguments and I only need one.

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which dbms are you using? – Barranka Apr 10 '14 at 0:48
possible duplicate of SQL AVERAGE TIME – bd33 Apr 10 '14 at 0:51

You could get the average DURATION between a fixed date and the date field. But averaging a date doesn't really make sense.

SELECT AVG(DATEDIFF(DD,'19700101',dateField)) AS avgDays

You could say the "average" date would then be: DATEADD(DD,avgDays,'19700101')

But I'm not sure if that makes sense in the context of what you're trying to do.

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thanks for answering, maybe I couldn't express what I wanted to do but I found a solution and it was actually vey simple:

select Patient.Name, avg(day(Patient.FinalDate) - day(Patient.EntryDate)) as [Average] from Patient,DetailPatient where Patient.IdPatient=DetailPatient.IdPatiene group by DetailPatient.Name

I know it looks very simple haha, but is the first time I use avg function this way. Thank you guys.

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Convert the DATETIME field to a decimal amount of time passed since a date (like '1-1-1901')

SELECT DATEDIFF(MINUTE, '1901-1-1', patientEntryDate)

Then average the result, and convert back to a datetime.

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