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I'm trying to write the web service on Delphi 7. My remote function on the service returns very large array of TRemotable descendants. A length of the array is over 74000, all fields of each object take 96 bytes, therefore total size is about 7MB. However I get the Out of memory on the server while filling the resulting array:

SetLength(Result, Items.Count);
for i := 0 to Items.Count - 1 do // Items.Count is over 74000
  Tr := Items[i] as TTransfer;

  HT := THospTransfer.Create; // TRemotable's descendant
  HT.PatientFullName := Tr.Hospitalization.Patient.FullName;
  HT.CHNumber := Tr.Hospitalization.Number;
  {filling the fields}

  Result[i] := HT;

I think it's because of implementation of TDataContext.AddObjectToDestroy. When every instance of TRemotable's descendant is created it makes TDataContext.FObjsToDestroy longer on 1. Behind the scene a longer copy of FObjsToDestroy is created with copying of all data. Obviously this process takes a lot of memory and time and causes this exception.

If I change in TDataContext.AddObjectToDestroy

SetLength(FObjsToDestroy, Index + 1);


SetLength(FObjsToDestroy, Index + 10000);
for i := Index + 1 to Length(FObjsToDestroy) - 1 do
  FObjsToDestroy[Index] := nil;

this Out of Memory doesn't occures, but now it occures in

TSOAPDomConv.ObjInstanceToSOAP($DE4829C,TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,TXMLNode($232F2A14) as IXMLNodeAccess,'THospTransfer','urn:MedStTransDataTypes',[],'18432')
TRemotable.ObjectToSOAP(TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,TXMLNode($232F2A14) as IXMLNodeAccess,TSOAPDomConv($2679EB8) as IObjConverter,'THospTransfer','urn:MedStTransDataTypes',[],'18432')
TSOAPDomConv.CreateObjectNode($DE4829C,TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,TXMLNode($232F2A14) as IXMLNodeAccess,'THospTransfer','urn:MedStTransDataTypes',[])
TSOAPDomConv.ConvertObjectToSOAP('item',$2D50B38C,TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,TXMLNode($232F2A14) as IXMLNodeAccess,1)
TSOAPDomConv.WriteRectDynArrayElem(TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,TXMLNode($232F2A14) as IXMLNodeAccess,$B5134C,74413,1,$2D50B38C,'THospTransfer')
TSOAPDomConv.WriteRectDynArray(TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,TXMLNode($232F2A14) as IXMLNodeAccess,$B5134C,1,$2D4F9390,'THospTransfer')
TSOAPDomConv.ConvertNativeArrayToSoap(TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,'return',$B51474,$2D4F9390,1,False)
TSOAPDomConv.ConvertNativeDataToSoap(TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,TXMLNode($231D3C3C) as IXMLNodeAccess,'return',$B51474,$26BD8C4,1)
TOPToSoapDomConvert.MakeResponse(('IGetRep', 'MedStGetRepIntf', (('', ccReg, 0, 0, nil, nil, (), False), ('', ccReg, 0, 0, nil, nil, (), False), ('', ccReg, 0, 0, nil, nil, (), False), ('GetPatientArrivalReports', ccStdCall, 3, 0, $B516F4, $B517D0, (([], '', nil)), True), ('GetHospTransfers', ccStdCall, 4, 0, $B51474, $B517D0, (([], '', nil)), True)), (2665605181, 775, 16972, (186, 30, 92, 81, 79, 152, 66, 176)), $B517D0, $4012C0, 3),4,$26B1370,$26B12AC,$2670FD4)
DispatchHandler($26B105C,THTTPSoapDispatcher($26BD1F8) as IWebDispatch,$26B0FBC,$26B0FE8,False)

So how to send big amount of the objects through the web service's remote call? Is this approach applicable for transmission the big amount of objects at all?

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