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I can successfully access my web server, from multiple computers that are on the same LAN as this web server, when using the server's local IP address. But I am struggling with accessing this web server using my domain name. Using the "etc/hosts" file was the perfect solution on my iMac but not on my Win7 machine.

When I ping my domain name from the Win7 command prompt, ping claims to be using my public IP address; doing likewise on the iMac results in the desired outcome -- it pings my web server using the local address supplied in "etc/hosts".

Does anyone have any idea why the local IP addr in Win7's "hosts" file is being ignored here? My best guess is that Windows somehow resolves this address with a locally cached version of the public address before it has a need to check with the hosts file (note: "ipconfig /flushdns" does not help).

Thanks, RDW

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