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May I know the testing tools that people commonly use for testing web or windows applications. Is there any free tools that are available or there are any other tools that can be bought that really adds a great value? Please share your thoughts or comments

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What do you want to test / what type of testing do you want to do? –  Dolph Feb 19 '10 at 16:15
Thats not a lot of meat to chew one: what technologies involved? Web app? .NET? etc etc. –  jkp Feb 19 '10 at 16:15
For both windows and web. I know QTP can be used for testing both windows and web. But I know that Microsoft has VSTS test edition that can be used for testing. But I am not sure if VSTS test edition is specifically for testing .net apps. Many people voted for QTP but I want to know if there is a testing tool that provides more facilities than QTP. Is microsoft not a leader in this area? –  SARAVAN Feb 19 '10 at 20:15
So you want to know about automation tools for web and .NET apps? –  JamesH Feb 19 '10 at 22:29

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Your question is too generic, but Selenium is a well known tool used for web based applications.

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Selenium is a good tool for testing web applications across several browsers.

Tests can be recorded in a Firefox plugin, or they can be written manually in several different languages: HTML; Ruby; Java and more. The Selenium Grid can be used to run the tests in parallel on multiple machines.

Selenium is open source, under the Apache 2.0 license, and from appearances, quite an active community.

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I've used Junit (I think this is a freebie!) and JTest (this one is made by Parasoft), these are better for developer-driven testing (unit testing, static analysis, etc...). Some test teams i've worked with have used Rational Robot (I saw it used for auotmating user interaction with a web app and logging the results) and others have used RQM (but I think this one is more of a test plan designer). I think Rational Robot and RQM are both IBM products.

Some IDEs have built-in unit test capabilities, so check the feature list of whatever you're developing with.

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For web based applications based on PHP, you might consider the PHP Test Coverage tool. This tells you what parts of your PHP application have been exercised, by whatever testing method you use (PHP Unit, load testing, functional testing). What code hasn't been exercised is a risk if you deploy it, because you haven't test it.

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There is a good list of all testing tools on Ministry of Testing. I blogged about it here:


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NUnit it crucial for building unit test, obviously

WatiN is one of my favorites. It lets you script out front-end tests for your web applications, which I find invaluable for automated regression testing

RedGate's ANT Performance Profiler is expense, but I've definitely found it to be worth the money for me:

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