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This seems like a very basic thing to do, but I am new to Powershell and can't figure this out or find an example online...

I am trying to filter a list of strings. This list of strings is the result of a "svn list" command (subversion list of repository files), like:


I have tried

svn list -R PATHTOREPOSITORY | where {$_ -like "stringtomatch"}

and this does not work...anyone know this?

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You might consider using -match instead of -like. -Match is more powerful (regex based) and will work like you were initially expecting:

svn list -R PATHTOREPOSITORY | where {$_ -match 'stringtomatch'} 
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Much better...thanks! – Mike Gates Feb 22 '10 at 15:31

This always happens. I spend hours trying to figure out the solution, post the question on StackOverflow, and then immediately answer my own question...sorry...

The answer is:

svn list -R PATHTOREPOSITORY | where {$_ -like "*stringtomatch*"}
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Writing down questions usually help to solve them so it actually makes sense. +1 for good behavior :) – ereOn Jan 18 '11 at 15:13

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