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I am quite new with Egit (An Eclipse plugin for git).

I am getting weird errors (like dirty tree, conflict exception) while synchronizing code when there is conflict between local file and remote file.

So which sequence I should follow for use git in better way?

Right now I am performing following steps:

  1. Fetching
  2. Merging (in this step I am getting errors using Team synchronization.)
  3. Add to Git index (in case there is conflict)
  4. Committing

Please help me better way if any.

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That seems correct, as described in the "Resolving a merge conflict" of the EGit User Guide.

This EGit tutorial adds the following tips:

Use the Git staging view to find the conflicting files, in large projects that is usually faster than navigating the Package Explorer view.

The rest follows what you are doing:

Once you have manually merged the changes, select Team → Add from the context menu of the resource to mark the conflicts as resolved and commit the merge resolution via Team → Commit.

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