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I need to create cell that will be change their size base on number and size of items(photo, video, audio, text)

I can make dynamically changed text and like this I think I can calculate and other elements.

Problem here: If I have 2 videos or 2 audio how can I add second view(if I have 10 audio?) ?

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you are using autolayout? give more information in detail –  RaheelSadiq Apr 10 at 6:55
I write in code –  user3486428 Apr 10 at 7:14

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for you. Make cell just the top of your. For example the name and the text. And for bottom view. Make a separate xib file and add that xib file in layoutsubviws or while setting data to the cell. And loop upto number of items you have and add subview to cell in loop. it's a brief text hope you will understand this. If not, lemme know I'll explain it more.

@implementation CustomTableViewCell

- (void)resetCell

- (void)setItem:(Item *)item 
    float y = 20;//starting y
    for (int i =0; i < item.videoCount ; i++)
         UIView *view = //init view with y position here
         // configure your view here
         //update y to to y = y + 10 /*margin space between views*/ + view.frame.size.height;

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thanks, sounds good, but I not use xib, how can I do it in code? –  user3486428 Apr 10 at 7:15
can I chat with your? –  user3486428 Apr 10 at 7:28
see updated answer –  Saad Apr 10 at 7:29
what does 'resetCell'? and then I need to 'layoutsubviws'? –  user3486428 Apr 10 at 8:05
you can ignore this resetcell. And please have a look on uitableivewcell doc on apple –  Saad Apr 10 at 8:56

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