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I am struggling with an issue that's inherent to the design of delayed_job. My jobs involve some fairly heavy lifting on the file system, rendering HTML templates to the disk, while intercepting rails helpers (image_tag, javascript_tag etc) and also shell out to external processes (running ffmpeg or imagemagick etc).

As stated, this is fairly involved and sometimes things go wrong. After shelling out to ffmpeg something breaks and the job fails. So far there is no real problem, but sometimes the cwd of the process is changed away from where it ought to be.

Also - and that's a big problem: The base directory the Rails stack uses to look up template paths and partials (TreeTop) gets changed too (I suspect some call inside Rails rendering does that and it then dies before it's being reset). And this change then leads to slight bugs where the wrong partial is resolved to and silently written to HTML.

I am pretty amazed that delayed_job as a whole is not dying due to these little crashes, but the main worker is happily continuing to process jobs. As you can imagine, since some main globals inside Rails are now corrupt, subsequent jobs also start to fail (or worse - we just get the wrong output without errors)

Once I restart the worker everything works once again - but we had to manually intervene, and in most cases we hear about these problems from angry customers..

I am pretty sure it's impossible to make the whole process robust enough that I can guarantee that it will never break and stay in a inconsistent state - we had to muck too much with Rails rendering internals to make this whole thing happen. So I am now looking for a way to get a clean, fresh version of my stack on each job run.

I can't believe nobody ever ran into this, and as with libraries like Spork a fork model would be ideal for DJ to avoid these kinds of problems.

Is there a way to have a clean worker be run for each job in delayed job?

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